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Village Sector (downtown)

A few numbers and characteristics of this area:
  • 44 businesses fall into the category of selling durable and semi-durable goods;
  • There are many “destination” and specialty stores;
  • There are 22 café-bistro-, family-, or international-style restaurants;
  • There are stores that generate a large amount of traffic, including IGA, the SAQ, and Taylor’s;
  • There is a concentration of professional offices on Notre-Dame Street;
  • About 50% of customers come to this sector by car, and 40% come on foot;
  • There is the presence of the AMT commuter train station, used by approximately 450 people per day;
  • There are about 150 parking places available in city parking lots and approximately 960 on-street parking places with an average 120-minute limit;
  • There are five parks in the immediate vicinity for relaxing, and, in the summer, one of these hosts a variety of cultural activities.

Secteur du village (Centre-Ville)